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Not much performing as of late. Just spend my time writing/pitching movie ideas and working on television pilots.

The idea for the book "ManOpause" came from Damon 'Coke' Daniels. He gave me the idea and told me to run with it. He is now and always will be part of any future production of the book/film.

I'm also working on other projects. One is "The Gray Boys". It's about four friends in their 60's who decide to live together. It's a "Sanford & Son" meets "The Golden Girls" half hour sit-com. I pitched it to Bob Morton over at 3 Arts a couple months ago and haven't heard from him since.

The other is "OCH — Old Comics Home". It's a half hour sit-com about a retirement home for old comedians that didn't plan well for old age. In addition to the principle cast regulars, it's also peppered with famous celebrity cameos. The retirement home is owned by a millionaire just doing her part to help her old friends.

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Click here for David Tyree's look at what happens to a man going through menopause.

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Comedy Album

Rest assured you are about to be entertained by a very funny man. David Tyree has performed his unique style of humor in comedy clubs all across the country to standing ovations.

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Current Projects

"OCH - Old Comics Home"

A group of old comics, known as "Whips" when they were young and on their way up the show business ladder, now live together in a retirement home. All they have left is each other and their memories. They cheat at card games, lie about everything and reminisce about the good old days.

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The Gray Boys

Four over medicated, under sexed, grumpy 62 year old widowers chasing that last piece of tail, decide to live together.

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