One day while working on a project with Eddie Griffin, I was whining about something and Coke Daniels said I was probably going through the same thing as my wife who, at the time, was going through menopause and from that conversation the book "ManOpause" was born.

As soon as we get the film into production Coke Daniels will be back on board adding his particular brand of inspiration.

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"OCH - Old Comics Home"

A group of old comics, known as "Whips" when they were young and on their way up the show business ladder, now live together in a retirement home. All they have left is each other and their memories. They cheat at card games, lie about everything and reminisce about the good old days.

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The Gray Boys

Four over medicated, under sexed, grumpy 62 year old widowers chasing that last piece of tail, decide to live together.

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