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Born poor and Black in Lima, Ohio. Fought in Vietnam in 1967 - 68. Attended college from 1970 - 74 in Denver, Colorado. Moved to Los Angeles right after college in '74. Married my wife Sheril in 1979. Partied with Richard Pryor and Robin Williams from 1980 to 1990. Realized how stupid I was being, then settled down to do good work before death comes a knocking.

From left to right, Mike Binder, Richard Pryor, Willie Nelson, Sally Field, Burt Reynolds. In the back left, Lady Diana & Fergie. One guy, top right, unknown. He was hitting on Lady Di and wouldn't move... That's me and Finis in the foreground with our backs to the camera. The photographer actually asks us not to turn around so the picture would have only big stars in it... True story.

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Rest assured you are about to be entertained by a very funny man. David Tyree has performed his unique style of humor in comedy clubs all across the country to standing ovations.

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