David Then

In the 80's I traveled the US and Canada as a comedian. I was known as the "Funniest Black Man in America".

These photos are from back in 1986. I was one of Mitzi Shore's crew of comics working the Dunes Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. It was all fun back then. The video clip below starts of with a short compilation of material I was doing at the time.

In the 90's I wrote television, some spec and a few as a staff writer. Shows such as "Roseanne" and "Malcolm & Eddie" owe their success solely to me and my ability to turn shallow ideas into funny television scripts. Watch the video and see for yourself

Mitzi & the gang (Part 2).

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Click here for David Tyree's look at what happens to a man going through menopause.

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Rest assures you are about to be entertained by a very funny man. David Tyree has performed his unique style of humor in comedy clubs all across the country to standing ovations.

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